Finding and Licensing Images

Ed's Stock library features thousands of large format images from all over the United States. Look for specific images, subject matter or locations through keyword searches. This is the most direct route to specific image needs.

You can also 
browse in the titled Galleries on the Homepage and see some of Ed's favorite selections. Only a portion of the archive is contained in the Galleries. The best way to the most edited, compact viewing is to click on to "Favorites and Icons''.

In the archive is extensive coverage of the San Francisco Bay Area and the West Coast. He has travelled widely throughout the American West and focused on the National Parks and the wild, remote areas of the deserts, the Sierra Nevada the Southwest and the Rocky Mountains. New images from different locations are regularly added to the portfolio.

The rights-managed images are competetively priced according to your usage requirements. For decades,  Ed has been a dependable source for landscape stock images. Please note that all images are protected by international copyright laws and may not be reproduced in any form without written permission. Images may not be printed out or used as wallpaper, screen saver or in any other digital or print form without specific permission.

Please contact Ed directly at to discuss any of your photographic image needs.